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adj. fish·i·er, fish·i·est
1. Resembling or suggestive of fish, as in taste or odor.
2. Cold or expressionless: a fishy stare.
3. Informal Inspiring doubt or suspicion: Something is fishy about the accident.

fish′i·ly adv.
fish′i·ness n.
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If you're an omnivore, try adding a couple of minced anchovy fillets; they add savory oomph without noticeable fishiness.
He tried one bite before dry boaking and downing his Prosecco to wash away the fishiness.
The fishiness of the beaver in the project perimeter is restored with a robbery basin pass with a total of 16 basins at approx.
There was a slight fishiness to the air; dead alewives, which I had learned were shiny, silver fish, thin but as long as a ruler, that washed up dead along the lakeshore every spring.
The starters were flavoursome - a bowl of taramasalata that had a good lemony zing to counteract the fishiness and a plate of the Greek sausages loukaniko that were dense,meaty and deftly spiced.
Your involvement is surely a more accessible area of moral fishiness than anything as esoteric as the structure of the causal laws in the system.
A potent saltiness filled my mouth, followed by a rank fishiness.
Done right, it's like a tinsel-trimmed tin of sardines which has been dipped in mulled wine and had the fishiness replaced by a blend of goodwill, baubles and a box of Roses.
The fish pieces were firm with no hint of fishiness, owing to the restaurant's practice of buying whole fish instead of fillets.
The tuna's partnered with white beans, a great source of protein and fiber that also provides a nice creamy contrast to the tuna's fishiness.