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adj. fish·i·er, fish·i·est
1. Resembling or suggestive of fish, as in taste or odor.
2. Cold or expressionless: a fishy stare.
3. Informal Inspiring doubt or suspicion: Something is fishy about the accident.

fish′i·ly adv.
fish′i·ness n.
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The starters were flavoursome - a bowl of taramasalata that had a good lemony zing to counteract the fishiness and a plate of the Greek sausages loukaniko that were dense,meaty and deftly spiced.
Done right, it's like a tinsel-trimmed tin of sardines which has been dipped in mulled wine and had the fishiness replaced by a blend of goodwill, baubles and a box of Roses.
The tuna's partnered with white beans, a great source of protein and fiber that also provides a nice creamy contrast to the tuna's fishiness.
Child even employs a clever new device: Reacher's broken nose thwarts his sense of smell, thus depriving the drifter from fully appreciating the fishiness of his companions.