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A metal or wooden plate bolted to the sides of two abutting rails or beams, used especially in the laying of railroad track.

[Probably from French fiche, peg (from Old French; see microfiche) + plate.]


(Mechanical Engineering) a flat piece of metal joining one rail, stanchion, or beam to another



a metal or wooden plate or slab bolted to each of two members that have been butted or lapped together.
[1850–55; fish < French fiche fix (see fichu) + plate]


- A type of metal plate used to strengthen a joint (from fish, meaning "mend").
See also related terms for joint.
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Noun1.fishplate - metal plate bolted along sides of two rails or beams
plate - a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic


[ˈfɪʃpleɪt] N (Rail) → eclisa f
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In addition, vendors found the fishplate stiffeners are rusting, rust is developing in the double-walled frame rails (and they could not determine at what level unless they were broken down), window regulators and slide rails are rotting, cross-braces and the battery boxes are rotting, the rear cabinet supports are rotting and that the underside should be sand blasted and re-painted.
The enthusiasts ceremonially fixed a golden fishplate to the final rail joint to mark the volunteer effort.
The reasons why this fishplate dislocated itself is the very focus of the investigations," SNCF head Guillaume Pepy said, adding the train operator would immediately start checking some 5,000 similar junctions throughout the French rail network.
A range of fine wines from Sauvignon Blanc from The Broken Fishplate, McLaren Vale [ETH] Australia to Escudo Rojo, Baron Phillippe de Rothschild [ETH] Chile is available.
Henry Williams, established in Glasgow in 1883 but based in Darlington since 1911, where it employs 97 people, has designed and manufactured over 100 different types of fishplate.
Others include The Broken Fishplate, The Lucky Lizard and The Laughing Magpie.
147) From Messene itself comes a tremendous amount of Hellenistic Eastern Sigillata A, including a fishplate (the very earliest shape, dating 150-100 B.
The man, who used to work for Potters Bar contractors Jarvis, says a fishplate used to connect rails over the bridge near Witton station, Birmingham, is in a dangerous condition.
A single bolt missing from a four-bolt fishplate doesn't actually compromise safety in the short term,' the spokeswoman said.
The Huck fastener gives a high clamping force, driving the fishplate surfaces tightly into the matching rail surfaces.