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Targeted winter environmental watering carried out annually since 2015 at the barrages and fishways have enabled lampreys to travel from the ocean and estuary into the freshwater environment of Lake Alexandrina, and then to the River Murray.
Actions taken have included decommissioning of obsolete dams and weirs, construction of fishways specifically designed for Australian native fish, allocation of water for environmental river flows and restoration of riparian vegetation (Arthington and Pusey 2003; Bond and Lake 2003; Gilligan et al.
Fragmentation and fish passage: Can fishways mitigate discontinuities in Great Plains fish communities?
Flow Simulation in the Orifice and Weir Fishways (Case Study: Diversion Dam of Karkhe).
In response to concerns that the growing alewife population was harmful to smallmouth bass, the State of Maine ordered the closure of fishways on the Maine side of the river.
However, small and large dams constructed on the river impede fish and cause its death behind the dam and extinct various species of fish that one of the ways to reduce the damaging effects of dams and preventing the extinction of species of fish is constructing proper fishways for fish to pass the dam section.
The Conservancy argued that the Hatchery operators failed to submit fishway plans to the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, failed to maintain durable and efficient fishways on Hatchery structures that obstruct fish passage, and failed to supply existing fishways with adequate water.
Hustins also explores debates over such matters as artificial fish propagation, leasing freshwater fishing rights to private clubs, and the construction of fishways to help salmon reach spawning grounds.
Fishways and water's edge biotopes have been built to recover some lost aquatic life.
A passive integrated transponder (PIT) tag system for monitoring fishways.
2005 Evaluation of nature-like fishways for reestablishing connectivity in fragmented sal-monid populations in the River Eman, River Research and Applications 21(9): 951-960.
The short-nosed sturgeon, American eel, sea lamprey, herring and other fish are also benefiting from fishways and habitat restorations sparked by the salmon project.