Of or relating to boxing or fighting with the fists.


(ˈfɪstɪk) or


(Boxing) of or relating to fisticuffs or boxing


(ˈfɪs tɪk)

of boxing; pugilistic: fistic heroes.
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To continue in fistic phraseology, he had a genius for coming up to the scratch, wherever and whatever it was, and proving himself an ugly customer.
This was another common procedure on the part of the ladies of the Hole, when heated by verbal or fistic altercation.
It was against Tom Sayers, a man who was just starting on a fistic journey that would see him attain legendary status.
Manny Pacquiao, fantastic fistic Filipino, was world boxing champion at eight different weights.
Michael is a fanatical boxing fan and included many fistic moves in the aptly named Dangerous Games, a tale of good versus evil.
PHIL Thomas School of Boxing wonderkid Benny Smith is keeping fistic success in the club and family.
Key areas of interest included service provider perspectives on the FISTIC initiative and caregiver and parent perspectives on current oral health promotion and ECC prevention activities in Manitoba, as well as participant recommendations on how to disseminate these key oral health messages to the public.
The result of that fight has passed into fistic legend.
These are hard men but there is a fistic brotherhood and Essomba, through his diligent training, work ethic and generous nature, soon became one of them, despite his radically different upbringing and circumstances.
Muscle and Mayhem: The Saginaw Kid and the Fistic World of the 1890s" (2013), a biography of the author's cousin, boxing's first world lightweight champion.
Some of the country's finest fighters have put their collective fistic weight behind a fundraiser to help one of the most popular men in British boxing.