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1. Firmly in position; stationary: a fixed dwelling.
2. Determined; established; set: at a fixed time; a fixed price.
3. Not subject to change or variation; unchanging: pensioners on a fixed income.
4. Chemistry
a. Not readily evaporating; nonvolatile.
b. Being in a stable, combined form: fixed nitrogen.
a. Firmly, often dogmatically held: fixed beliefs.
b. Persistently occurring in the mind; obsessive: a fixed, delusive notion.
6. Supplied, especially with funds. Often used in combination: a well-fixed bachelor.
7. Illegally prearranged as to outcome: a fixed election.

fix′ed·ly (fĭk′sĭd-lē) adv.
fix′ed·ness n.
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Noun1.fixedness - remaining in place
lifelessness, motionlessness, stillness - a state of no motion or movement; "the utter motionlessness of a marble statue"
rootage - fixedness by or as if by roots; "strengthened by rootage in the firm soil of faith"
2.fixedness - the quality of being fixed in place as by some firm attachment
immovability, immovableness - not capable of being moved or rearranged
lodgement, lodging, lodgment - the state or quality of being lodged or fixed even temporarily; "the lodgment of the balloon in the tree"
looseness - the quality of movability by virtue of being free from attachment or other restraints
3.fixedness - the quality of being fixed and unchangeablefixedness - the quality of being fixed and unchangeable; "the fixedness of his gaze upset her"
unchangeability, unchangeableness, unchangingness, changelessness - the quality of being unchangeable; having a marked tendency to remain unchanged
References in classic literature ?
Then, extending the little volume, and giving the pitch of the air anew with considerate attention, David recommenced and finished his strains, with a fixedness of manner that it was not easy to interrupt.
The company, tremulous as the leaves of a tree, when all are shaking together, drew nearer, and perceived that there was an unnatural distortion in the fixedness of Colonel Pyncheon's stare; that there was blood on his ruff, and that his hoary beard was saturated with it.
Imagine it: Those rigid, shock-headed figures, with corpsy complexions and fish glass eyes, occupying one side of the table in the constrained attitudes and dead fixedness that distinquish all men that are born of wax, and this wrinkled, smoldering old fire-eater occupying the other side, mumbling her prayers and munching her sausages in the ghostly stillness and shadowy indistinctness of a winter twilight.
I derived benefit from the task: it had kept my head and hands employed, and had given force and fixedness to the new impressions I wished to stamp indelibly on my heart.
When she had finished her breakfast, my aunt very deliberately leaned back in her chair, knitted her brows, folded her arms, and contemplated me at her leisure, with such a fixedness of attention that I was quite overpowered by embarrassment.
Then, when the image of the marquise and her son rose before him again, standing side by side, the old woman's hand in Urbain's arm, and the same cold, unsociable fixedness in the eyes of each, he cried out to himself that the fear was groundless.
There was a certain want of fixedness of purpose which she had certainly not noticed before--a quick, spasmodic utterance which belongs rather to the insane than to those of intellectual equilibrium.
In the car, the doctor, completely overwhelmed, sat with his arms folded on his breast, gazing with idiotic fixedness upon some imaginary point in space.
The man's views are hateful enough," she answered, "but he is in earnest, and however misguided he may be there is something noble in his unselfishness, in his, steady fixedness of purpose.
Gliding along the silent streets, and holding his course where they were darkest and most gloomy, the man who had left the widow's house crossed London Bridge, and arriving in the City, plunged into the backways, lanes, and courts, between Cornhill and Smithfield; with no more fixedness of purpose than to lose himself among their windings, and baffle pursuit, if any one were dogging his steps.
He looked at him, as he passed through the hall and up the staircase, going to dinner, with a glazed fixedness that Mr Dorrit did not like.
There is a lack of fixedness in American culture when it comes to buildings and businesses, and because of this there are few places in my town that I treasure for their historical beauty or significance - except for one Springfield gem that colored my childhood an awkward shade of green and with genuine happiness: the Gateway Mall.