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intr.v. fizzed, fizz·ing, fizz·es
To make a hissing or bubbling sound; effervesce.
1. A hissing or bubbling sound.
2. Effervescence.
3. An effervescent beverage.


fizz′y adj.
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Adj.1.fizzing - hissing and bubbling
effervescent - (of a liquid) giving off bubbles
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Orchestrally, Barry's score is fascinating, fizzingly through-composed, winkingly allusive at times (including Janacek and Wagner, and the first two acts ending with references to the "Auld Lang Syne" with which the opera, in Barry's own car-crashing arrangement, begins), and rich in imaginative touches, such as a duet for wind-machines, a seemingly endlessly prolonged brass trill, and two elegantly choreographed plate-smashing cameos.
But she came here having landed consecutive Group 1s by five and six lengths and the Germans had sufficient confidence in their fizzingly progressive filly to stump up the supplementary fee of a a hundred grand - that's a lot of three-piece suites in anybody's language.
As the cricket season approaches, I see an ungainly, but fizzingly enthusiastic, young man, his spectacles secured by brown tape over blinking eyes, his mouth agape, his adenoids exposed and his arms flapping like windmill sails.
The tour has always been a fizzingly fertile breeding ground for breaking the best new talent with the likes of Ting Tings, Klaxons, Arctic Monkeys, The Cribs, Bloc Party and The Killers having graced previous rosters.
Not only did he have 20 years of experience on three continents but he was ( until a year ago ( both founder and co-director of the Palais de Tokyo, by all accounts a fizzingly original and exciting contemporary art venue in Paris, where the people are famously not easy to impress.