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 (flăk′ən, -ŏn′)
A small, often decorative bottle with a tight-fitting stopper or cap.

[French, from Old French; see flagon.]


(French flakɔ̃)
(Antiques) a small stoppered bottle or flask, such as one used for perfume
[C19: from French; see flagon]


(ˈflæk ən, flæˈkɔ̃)

a small bottle or flask with a stopper, esp. one used for perfume.
[1815–25; < French; see flagon]
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In addition, Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2018 saw the unveiling of Gulfstreams G500 for the first time in the Middle East, and Dassaults Flacon 8X, which attracted potential buyers and operators to the show.
msg140254#new) recent discussion on the website's forum, which was likely over one of the Flacon Heavy photographs (the topic was "MOVED: Earth, from a car), was itself moved by the moderator to a category called "Complete Nonsense.
Data from the Phase III FLACON trial demonstrated median progression-free survival (PFS) as being significantly longer with Faslodex when compared to anastrozole, with 16.
THE PACKAGING: Hilton opted for a flacon that would reflect the feminine form of its predecessor, but ornamented the flanker's bottle with rose-tinted iridescent glitter.
talc, oilcan, licit, laic, italic, ionic, inflict, icon, focal, floc, flacon, fiction, falcon, faction, fact, colt, cola, coin, coil, coif, coati, coat, coal, clot, clan, cation, canto, cant, calf, atonic, antic, action, FICTIONAL Wordsquare: B.
Each Roja Parfums flacon is hand-finished and manufactured in France, made from the purest and clearest glass.
The Les Parfums Louis Vuitton collection is distinctly feminine and mostly floral, and it's presented in a sleek and stately apothecary flacon.
TYNE SHIPPING MOVEMENTS Arrivals Date/Time Name From To 1010 0830 Sand Falcon Humber Banks Cemex 1010 0845 Princess Seaways Ijmuiden/ Velsen RoRo 3 1010 1400 City of Rotterdam Zeebrugge TCT 2 1110 0845 King Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden/ Velsen Sailings Date/Time Name From To 1010 0945 HHL Tokyo OTP Quay Shepherd Seaward 1010 1159 Stolt Focus A&P H 5DD Seaward 1010 1159 Industrial Merchant Seaward NEP Quay 2A Shepherd 1010 1600 sand Flacon Cemex Humber Banks 1010 1700 Princess Seaways RoRo 3 Ijmuiden/ Velsen 1110 0430 Hoegh Kunsan TCT 1 Tanger Med
Al-Jadie cited security concerns and scarcity of places to host the sport as reasons for the stalled development of the sport of flacon shooting.
Of all the manufacturing outlets under the aegis of the Ashram, the perfume shop Fleurs en Flacon intrigued me the most.
Preparation : - Choisissez un flacon en verre teinte (200 a 300 ml) - Pour la realisation d'une eau de toilette : versez 250 ml d'alcool a 70A - Pour la realisation d'un parfum : versez 100 ml d'alcool a 70A Melangez ensuite environ de 5 a 15 ml d'huiles essentielles au choix (en associant les trois notes) Afin de "fixer" votre parfum, ajoutez quelques gouttes d'huile essentielle de sauge sclaree dans le flacon.