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Excessive or fanatical patriotism; chauvinism.

flag′-wav′er n.


a. an emotional appeal or display intended to arouse patriotic or nationalistic feeling
b. (as modifier): a flag-waving speech.
ˈflag-ˌwaver n


an ostentatiously emotional display of patriotism or factionalism.
flag′-wav`er, n.
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Adj.1.flag-waving - fanatically patrioticflag-waving - fanatically patriotic    
patriotic, loyal - inspired by love for your country


[ˈflægˌweɪvɪŋ] N (fig) → patriotismo m de banderita
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Crawford used the lone climb in Atimonan late in the stage to ditch his chasers and coast to the finish, where he was greeted by several flag-waving fans.
The BBC, the British Brainwashing Corporation, had a field day in turning the Olympics into a British nationalist flag-waving event.
Those two friends of mine cannot see the inherent absurdity of on the one hand, their patriotic flag-waving for UK sporting success, and on the other, their desire for that flag to give precedence to the flag of the European Union.
ISTANBUL, Dhu-AlHijjah 7, 1436, Sep 21, 2015, SPA -- Tens of thousands of flag-waving demonstrators rallied in central Istanbul on Sunday to denounce violence by Kurdish rebels as the country's prime minister pledged damnation for the separatists, according to AP.
THE ITALIAN JOB Sky Movies Greats 8pM Michael Caine (below) stars in a flag-waving caper - cheeky and chirpy compared to modern mockney malarkeys.
POPE Francis drew a reported three million flag-waving, rosary-toting faithful to Rio's Copacabana beach for the final evening of World Youth Day.
THOSE flag-waving, Muslimhating, monarchy-loving members of the EDL should take note.
Summary: Stockholm: Flag-waving Swedes and royals celebrated as Sweden's Princess Madeleine, the youngest child of King .
In other shots, aimed at painting a picture of a happy, united nation, women in traditional costume smile and dance with flag-waving supporters.
Expect a jolly evening of whistle-blowing, flag-waving and singing along to your favourite prom tunes including Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and (it wouldn't be a Last Night without it) Elgar'sPomp and Circumstance No 1 - aka Land of Hope and Glory.
Summary: Uruguay's World Cup team received a hero's welcome home as tens of thousands of cheering flag-waving fans lined the streets of Montevideo.
She was greeted by crowds of flag-waving people and looked so interested in what she was seeing.