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1. Conspicuously bad, offensive, or reprehensible: a flagrant miscarriage of justice. See Usage Note at blatant.
2. Obsolete Flaming; blazing.

[Latin flagrāns, flagrant-, present participle of flagrāre, to burn; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

fla′gran·cy, fla′grance n.
fla′grant·ly adv.
Synonyms: flagrant, glaring, gross, egregious, rank2
These adjectives refer to what is conspicuously bad or offensive. Flagrant applies to what is offensive to a serious or appalling degree: flagrant disregard for the law; a flagrant example of racial prejudice.
What is glaring is disturbingly or painfully obvious: a glaring error; glaring contradictions.
Gross suggests a magnitude of offense or failing that cannot be condoned or forgiven: gross ineptitude; gross injustice.
Something egregious is so offensive as to provoke outrage or condemnation: an egregious lie.
What is rank is highly offensive or repugnant: rank stupidity; rank treachery.
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, flagrancy
neklatante or krasse Offensichtlichkeit; (of affair, defiance, disregard)Unverhohlenheit f; such was the flagrance of this injustice …das war eine derart eklatante or krasse or himmelschreiende Ungerechtigkeit; the unabashed flagrance of his abuse of privilegedie unverhohlene Art, mit der er seine Privilegien missbraucht
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beaucoup plus grand que] Il a explique que les derniers amendements apportes au code de procedure penale ont permis de [beaucoup moins que] substituer la procedure de flagrance par celle de comparution immediate [beaucoup plus grand que].
sound, and flagrance based on absent as well as present features.
It is funny watching male shoppers sprint through the flagrance aisles while getting bombed by the perfume ladles, desperately swatting away floral notes of hibiscus and lavender.
Throughout Trilogy, flagrance indicates life, renewal, and transformation; the visionary consciousness that enables such renewal is grounded in the material world.
Furthermore, due to the extent and flagrance of the violations, there are additional public documents: a consent Decree to close the Ft.
When the flagrance is depleted, a convenient refill pouch, laminated to withstand fragrance, allows the consumer to unscrew the filament and fit it right over the bottle's top to replenish the beautiful flacon.
Her body, her back, her eyes, her hands--she was all there to stir the pot, mash over the pebbled meat, smell the flagrance.
This Fileri clone has an intense, distinctive flagrance and produces dry white wines.
As Real Estate Weekly exclusively reported last week, L'Occitane en Provence, an environmentally conscious bodycare and flagrance shop based in France, is opening soon on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 22nd Street.
The product was created, manufactured, and distributed by independent companies rather than the traditional flagrance houses.
The mass market in Germany remains an increasingly popular place to purchase flagrance and recognizing this, manufacturers have decided to keep launch pace high in this area.