flake off

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Verb1.flake off - come off in flakes or thin small pieces; "The paint in my house is peeling off"
chip, chip off, break away, break off, come off - break off (a piece from a whole); "Her tooth chipped"

w>flake off

vi (plaster)abbröckeln; (paint, rust etc)abblättern, absplittern; (skin)sich schälen, sich abschuppen
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Due to the oversize value used, clearances very often leave behind small pieces (slivers) of copper, which can flake off during etching.
City officials also insisted that construction in the neighborhood jarred the pipes and caused residue to flake off into the drinking water.
They do not wear out, rust; the metal gears do not flake off.
The mold surface may then crack, buckle or flake off unless the molding sand is dimensionally stable under rapid heating.
So if you happen to scratch the non-stick surface of your cookware (by using metal utensils by scrubbing too vigorously) and particles flake off into your food, they'll pass right through your body without being absorbed.
If the paint on top of the surface isn't flexible enough, this movement can cause the paint to crack and flake off.
And it doesn't flake off towards the end of the day like some.
Leave overnight and the next day the burn stains should wash away and flake off more easily.
It certainly explains why over the years we have had to continually repaint the three pavilions as Portland Stone is porous and would naturally expand and contract causing the paint to flake off.
Mick Foley, defending, said: "The paint was already starting to flake off and he peeled it off with his hands.
The paint film will start to blister and flake off rapidly so the metal needs to be prepared for re-painting as soon as possible to prevent further deterioration.