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flam 1

n. Informal
1. A lie or hoax; a deception.
2. Nonsense; drivel.

[Short for flimflam.]

flam 2

n. Music
A drumbeat consisting of two almost simultaneous strokes of which the first is a very rapid grace note.

[Probably of imitative origin.]


1. a falsehood, deception, or sham
2. nonsense; drivel
vb, flams, flamming or flammed
(tr) to cheat or deceive
[C16: probably short for flimflam]


(Music, other) a drumbeat in which both sticks strike the head almost simultaneously but are heard to do so separately
[C18: probably imitative of the sound]



a drumbeat consisting of two notes in quick succession, with the accent on the second.
[1790–1800; imitative]


Past participle: flammed
Gerund: flamming

I flam
you flam
he/she/it flams
we flam
you flam
they flam
I flammed
you flammed
he/she/it flammed
we flammed
you flammed
they flammed
Present Continuous
I am flamming
you are flamming
he/she/it is flamming
we are flamming
you are flamming
they are flamming
Present Perfect
I have flammed
you have flammed
he/she/it has flammed
we have flammed
you have flammed
they have flammed
Past Continuous
I was flamming
you were flamming
he/she/it was flamming
we were flamming
you were flamming
they were flamming
Past Perfect
I had flammed
you had flammed
he/she/it had flammed
we had flammed
you had flammed
they had flammed
I will flam
you will flam
he/she/it will flam
we will flam
you will flam
they will flam
Future Perfect
I will have flammed
you will have flammed
he/she/it will have flammed
we will have flammed
you will have flammed
they will have flammed
Future Continuous
I will be flamming
you will be flamming
he/she/it will be flamming
we will be flamming
you will be flamming
they will be flamming
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been flamming
you have been flamming
he/she/it has been flamming
we have been flamming
you have been flamming
they have been flamming
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been flamming
you will have been flamming
he/she/it will have been flamming
we will have been flamming
you will have been flamming
they will have been flamming
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been flamming
you had been flamming
he/she/it had been flamming
we had been flamming
you had been flamming
they had been flamming
I would flam
you would flam
he/she/it would flam
we would flam
you would flam
they would flam
Past Conditional
I would have flammed
you would have flammed
he/she/it would have flammed
we would have flammed
you would have flammed
they would have flammed
References in classic literature ?
Still," said Sancho, "I would be glad if your worship would make Master Pedro ask his ape whether what happened your worship in the cave of Montesinos is true; for, begging your worship's pardon, I, for my part, take it to have been all flam and lies, or at any rate something you dreamt.
You can finish the tour in one day, but since I was with my family, my brothers and I decided to take an overnight stop halfway of the tour in Flam.
This scenic adventure includes the Flam Railway, awe-inspiring Naeroyfjord (a Unesco World Heritage Site and the world's narrowest fjord) as well as the steep, hair-raising, hairpin bends of Stalheimskleiva (open May to September).
But the legendary pie producers walked away with silver for its premium, larger 247g pies, which feature the finest British ingredients, these individual pies come in three flavour varieties including Peppered Steak Pie, Chicken & Flam Pie and the popular Steak & GUINNESStm Pie--created in collaboration with GUINNESS[R], brewers of the number 1 stout in the world.
Take the famous Flam Railway, which begins at the mountainous Myrdal station on the Bergen railway, all the way down to the Flam station.
uk | Ports of call are Dunmore East (for Waterford), Dublin, Belfast, Greenock (for Glasgow), Portree (Isle of Skye), Kirkwall (Orkney), Bergen, Alesund and Flam (all Norway).
Six poRts of call: Rosyth foR EdinbuRgh, LeRwick (Shetland), BeRgen, Skjolden, Flam and Odda ?
According to the SEC's order against Further Lane Asset Management (FLAM) and its CEO, Jose Miguel Araiz, despite maintaining custody of assets of hedge funds managed by FLAM and affiliated adviser Osprey Group Inc.
Sites like e-Bay, Facebook and Trip Advisor, where sellers and buyers are rated by other users, are not beyond scammers to flam up their own credentials with false praise.
s the ssing ith a becue Y, this ome in t p the n Flam or do great hand So d tomorro exclusiv So don't miss out, get tomorrow's paper for your exclusive discount voucher
A shorter option would be to take the train from Bergen to Myrdal and the Flam Line, the steepest railway line in Europe, and sail back to Bergen on the Norled Express Boat.
From Oslo, Balmoral will continue to the Norwegian port of Flam, Sogneford, a tiny village on the banks of the Aurlandsfjord, boasting spectacular views and the famous Flam Railway.