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flame retardant

A substance that is applied to fabric, wood, or other material in order to make it resistant to catching fire. Also called fire retardant.

flame′-re·tar′dant adj.


1. (Building) (of a substance or material) having the effect of slowing down the spread of fire
2. (Furniture) (of a substance or material) having the effect of slowing down the spread of fire


not subject to quick or easy burning esp. through chemical treatment: flame-retardant curtains.
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Adj.1.flame-retardant - resistant to catching fire
incombustible, noncombustible - not capable of igniting and burning
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Appropriate standards define the protective action that the industry must provide for each application (see box on flame-retardant classes).
SORPLAS is flame-retardant recycled plastic comprising polycarbonate plastic recycled from materials such as optical discs from discarded DVDs and optical sheets (light-diffusing films) used in LCD televisions.
UF Grade-related technologies are being considered for use in other Teijin products and technologies, for example, to develop flame-retardant PEN (polyethylene napthalate) film by applying advanced flame-retardant technologies.
Smokebloc smoke suppressants and inorganic flame-retardant synergists primarily designed for PVC, but have application in other polymer areas.
RoHS compliant, flame-retardant TPEs from RTP are available in thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPUR--RTP 1200 Series), polyether-ester block copolymer thermoplastic elastomer (TEEE--RTP 1500 Series), styrenic block copolymer thermoplastic elastomer (TES--RTP 2700 S Series), and thermoplastic polyolefin elastomer (TEO--RTP 2800 Series) resins at durometers ranging from 45 Shore A to 65 Shore D.
Products containing a flame-retardant prolong the time during which one can escape, which helps to save between 800 and 1,000 lives every year in Europe," said Dr Jurgen Troitzsch, a fire safety expert at the Fire and Environment Protection Service, which says "by banning life-saving substance in mattresses, the European ecolabel is putting the fire safety of users at risk".
At first, industry lobbyists hotly opposed AB 302, authored by Democrat Wilma Chan of Alameda, because it banned forms of PBDE that do not show up in mammals in high concentrations, taking these lifesaving flame-retardants off the market.
The plant specializes in flame-retardant plastics, which they manufacture using brine.
Axion International (OTCBB: AXIH), a leading producer of industrial building products and railroad ties made from 100% recycled plastic, announced that a new patent has been awarded that will expand Axion's intellectual property portfolio and protect the company as it begins to sell a unique flame-retardant coating for use in the flame-retardant industry.
Resin grades serve as low-cost flame-retardant extenders for chlorinated rubber, epoxies, etc.
Most companies that shop here are looking for fabrics certified to be flame-retardant.
In order to meet the requirement, in current Chinese market, flame-retardant PP is produced by combining organic substance containing halogen with antimony trioxide.