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flame retardant

A substance that is applied to fabric, wood, or other material in order to make it resistant to catching fire. Also called fire retardant.

flame′-re·tar′dant adj.


1. (Building) (of a substance or material) having the effect of slowing down the spread of fire
2. (Furniture) (of a substance or material) having the effect of slowing down the spread of fire


not subject to quick or easy burning esp. through chemical treatment: flame-retardant curtains.
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Adj.1.flame-retardant - resistant to catching fire
incombustible, noncombustible - not capable of igniting and burning
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SORPLAS is flame-retardant recycled plastic comprising polycarbonate plastic recycled from materials such as optical discs from discarded DVDs and optical sheets (light-diffusing films) used in LCD televisions.
UF Grade-related technologies are being considered for use in other Teijin products and technologies, for example, to develop flame-retardant PEN (polyethylene napthalate) film by applying advanced flame-retardant technologies.
Smokebloc smoke suppressants and inorganic flame-retardant synergists primarily designed for PVC, but have application in other polymer areas.
Fabrics that already are flame-retardant include velours for stage curtains at $10.
Axion International (OTCBB: AXIH), a leading producer of industrial building products and railroad ties made from 100% recycled plastic, announced that a new patent has been awarded that will expand Axion's intellectual property portfolio and protect the company as it begins to sell a unique flame-retardant coating for use in the flame-retardant industry.
Resin grades serve as low-cost flame-retardant extenders for chlorinated rubber, epoxies, etc.
With the increasing enhancement of global environmental awareness, people's flame-retardant requirement for plastic products is increasingly high.
Antimony oxide for flame-retardant and PET catalysts in high-tint, low-tint, and high-purity grades.
This manufacturer of thermoplastic polyurethane film and sheet products offers a product data sheet on flame-retardant type Dureflex thermoplastic polyurethane films and sheets.
Plenum wire and cable is one of these that could affect the use of flame-retardant chemicals.
Flame-retardant thermoplastic concentrates on a custom and proprietary basis.
Melamine derivatives have been used successfully in various polymer systems to produce flame-retardant compounds.