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The decision also covers trucks that carry other flammable and combustible liquids such as paints, chemicals and chemical wastes, which are generally used to make pickups and deliveries only in industrial areas of the city.
Based on EPA's preliminary assessment and information provided by the NJDEPE, the hazardous materials involved in this action are believed to be acid, caustic, flammable liquids, and PCBs.
Chemists have been studying hydrogen, a flammable, colorless, odorless, gaseous chemical element and the lightest known substance, for centuries, and the government has been using it for decades.
JP-4 is described as a "wide cut, gasoline type" fuel, whereas JP-8 is more like kerosene (much less flammable than gasoline).
Many holiday fires are ignited by dry Christmas trees, faulty lighting and flammable decorations," said Cortland Ray, vice president of insurance claims.
Haberman said the defense industry started using the flammable fuel in 1979 to launch rockets, and NASA is continuing to use hydrogen to rocket shuttles into space.
The actuator ignites the flammable solid contained in the inflator housing.
Aerosol hairsprays that contain flammable ingredients are labeled with warning statements on proper use.
And who would ever notice flammable stinky water in any of those places?
Previously, a PP/aluminum structure could be made only with solvent-based primers, which are flammable and present environmental risks in the workplace.
Alcohol-based formulas are flammable, can dry and irritate skin as well as burn and sting small cuts in the skin.