Flap valve

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(Mech.) a valve which opens and shuts upon one hinged side; a clack valve.

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Multi-stage pumps operate using flap valves that clog from ingested debris.
vacuum valves: tailgate valves, flap valves, solenoid valves, ball valves, pressure valves, pneumatic valves and control valves, etc.
Residents were told that since September hundreds of highway gullies have been checked and cleaned, cleansing completed on overflow pipes, a sand blocked high level overflow near Newcomen Terrace cleaned and new flap valves installed and seven kilometres of sewers inspected.
Ventilation was provided by bellows, expiration occurring through a series of flap valves and water jars to maintain positive end-expiratory pressure (4,5).
Additionally, the Brahma flow path uses flap valves for maximum solids passage.
Our original Flip-Flap design not only provides minimum head loss through the unit but also ensures that under no circumstances can the seal between the two coupling body halves open to atmosphere, before the internal flap valves have been released and provided a 100 per cent shut off.
New pumping stations are proposed to reduce surface water flooding, while non-return flap valves would be fixed onto outfalls at Gunning's Bridge, to stop water flowing back up the culverts.
Locals say that gutters, culverts and flap valves have not been maintained and they're worried their homes could be flooded by sewage again.
A variety of ball and flap valves are available to suit the particular characteristics of different products.
The units have no seals to leak, no check valves or flap valves to clog, dry running capability and a self-priming suction lift to 26 feet.