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adj. Informal
Easily excited or upset.


easily upset or agitated(of wings) able to be flapped


(ˈflæp ə bəl)

adj. Informal.
easily upset or confused, esp. under stress.
[1965–70; back formation from unflappable]
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One well-known example was a pair of socks featuring the president's face and a flappable version of his signature golden-colored hair.
His hotly anticipated debut solo show Anything was performed to sell-out crowds and he returned this year with his second show Flappable.
seat, according to H-line, is the 28th most flappable.
And it was all going so well too, her grasp on portion control as wayward and inflated as ours, when suddenly out came what I can only describe as an illuminated moth with flappable wings.
I was a young, flappable reporter with the Syracuse Post-Standard in 1989 when I set out to do a profile of Judge Hancock, then on the state Court of Appeals.
If these cases taught us one clear lesson, that would be the impossibility to come up with clear-cut definition of flappable concepts like "obscenity" and "community standards.
Not the winged variety it was intended for but a somewhat more flappable human who took a good look at the dummy and immediately returned a verdict of suicide.
In the reptile house you'll discover one of the largest collections of snakes in Britain, while in the colourful Parrot Walk you'll love the talkative and flappable feathered occupants.
Chided earlier this season for his flappable nature in tight spots, he yielded eight hits and three walks to the Orioles, who lost for the 16th time in 18 games.
Richie McCaw is one of the world's best opensides and we saw what the flappable Sebastien Chabal was capable of when England drubbed France 45-14 in September.
And you don't have to be a flappable crew member of Jim Henson's "Pigs in Space" to do it.