Flap valve

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(Mech.) a valve which opens and shuts upon one hinged side; a clack valve.

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Offshore Timor Sea, an inflatable packer had released and migrated up the wellbore, passing through a flapper valve where it then got stuck.
If the flapper valve is stuck open or does not fully close, conveying cannot take place.
If any of this dye appears in the toilet bowl (without flushing), you probably have a flapper valve leak.
The chain between the flush lever and the flapper valve is adjusted too short and not letting the flapper close completely - put some slack in it
The flapper valve attaches to the top of most home central air conditioning units and activates misters when the A/C is on.
Periodic spikes in usage typically point to a problem with a commode flapper valve, whereas a gradual rise in usage is more likely to indicate a problem with the float valve," Solomon said.
The Hiflex is a flapper valve of martensitic stainless chromium strip steel and a modified AISI 420 type material.
There the nozzle moves a flapper valve that seals the system out of the way.
The products will include puncture-resistant 26-gauge sheeting; a patent-pending horizontal I-beam designed to reduce "roll-together" and provide additional back support; a patent-pending flapper valve to prevent air loss; a rechargeable inflator; and a nylon carrying case.
A linear servo valve that drives the ram directly has replaced the traditional flapper-controlled servo valve system, a three-stage system in which the flapper valve drives a pilot valve that then drives the main rain.
Tenders are invited for Flapper Valve Assembly To Aikon Part No.
The valve technology is based on the common flapper valve that enables a swift exchange of the gate O-Ring and the integrated actuator allows for differential pressure opening wherever this is required.