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A dry-cell powered photographic apparatus that holds and electrically triggers a flashbulb. Also called flash unit.


(Photography) a type of electronic flash, attachable to or sometimes incorporated in a camera, that emits a very brief flash of light when the shutter is open



a device that simultaneously discharges a flashbulb or flashtube and operates a camera shutter.
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Noun1.flashgun - a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photographflashgun - a lamp for providing momentary light to take a photograph
flash camera - a camera with a photoflash attachment
lamp - an artificial source of visible illumination
photographic equipment - equipment used by a photographer


[ˈflæʃˌgʌn] n (Phot) → lampeggiatore m
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Tenders are invited for Supply of High end Digital SLR Camera with zoom lens, Flashgun and accessories.
com)-- On March 31st 2014, Hink Pro Limited launched their Kickstarter campaign for the world's first flexible flashgun.
You can attach Sony's proprietary accessories to the camera using this port, or just attach a giant external flashgun.
Although, the Naxals managed to flee, security forces recovered a 9mm pistol, three live cartridges, six detonators, five gelatin sticks, two circuits, four battery chargers, one camera flashgun, one can bomb and a China-made binocular from the scene of encounter.
Many coaches will halt games and demand that a photographer using direct flash stop immediately, as the high-intensity light source that originates from a direct flashgun can cause an athlete to suffer flash blindness or be temporarily distracted.
These include 10 mega pixels per image (double the pixel resolution), improved colour depth and dynamic range, Ethernet upload connectivity, a much faster flashgun refresh rate and a more compact housing for ease of deployment.
As Jason went to snap the first shot, his fully-charged flashgun batteries ran out.
When our man used a flashgun to light up the night and record the open back of a waiting truck he was chased by a mob screaming: "You take picture we kill you.
We were followed about by a cameraman with a flashgun and then posed for a standard picture sitting on a divan in Setchenov's laboratory which is now a small museum.
The trip wire that extends out of the picture frame could be compared, for instance, to the cable release that is featured in some of Cindy Sherman's self-portraits, while the flashgun aesthetic invokes Philip-Lorca diCorcia, not to mention a whole history of paparazzi snaps.
Best of all was Maia Wilkins, the bitterly jilted mistress, lifted from an Edward Gorey cartoon, who is relegated to holding the flashgun during the wedding photo.