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Adj.1.flat-bellied - lacking a prominent bellyflat-bellied - lacking a prominent belly    
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As I was taking a closer look at Shane Warne's statue, an Australian fan standing nearby remarked: "When it was unveiled he looked exactly like that -- but now he has an earring and is flat-bellied.
My office (as regional commander) has the power to dismiss police officers found guilty of administrative offenses," the ramrod straight, flat-bellied police general said.
WHEN STEVE LOWERY OVERCAME Vijay Singh and other big names to win the AT&T Classic at Pebble Beach Last month, it made an impression on veteran players such as Glen Day who have to contend weekly with flat-bellied 20-somethings, not to mention the flat-bellied 32-year-old Tiger Woods, who wins every time out now.