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of or pertaining to a database system in which each database consists of a single file not linked to any other file.
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The BioRS Integration and Retrieval System provides a sophisticated and easy-to-use system for searching and integrating heterogeneous public and proprietary databases in flat-file and relational formats.
And we achieve this level of compatibility while offering efficient, scalable XQuery against XML as well as non-XML sources - including relational databases, EDI, and flat-file formats.
XQueries written to access XML, relational and flat-file formats such as EDI create complex XML and HTML results, which can then be copied to the deployment directory.
By integrating FACT and SortCL into MetaController, Full 360 is adding value to its portfolio of manageable applications, delivering more choice to data warehouse ETL architects looking to control and schedule high-performance, flat-file extract and transformation components," noted Rohit Amarnath, Full 360's CEO.
After careful research and analysis, we selected Open Solutions and their relational approach over the other providers we looked at that offered flat-file systems," said Barbara Ganley, vice president of marketing at NRL FCU.
The BioRS Integration and Retrieval System provides the most sophisticated and easy-to-use system to search and integrate heterogeneous public and proprietary databases including both flat-file and relational.
It also offers outsourced data management services, as well as real-time, interactive and flat-file data feeds for application integration.
By combining extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) steps in single-pass flat-file operations, "DBAs and data warehouse architects using FACT and CoSORT will have a uniquely fast and affordable data staging solution for large volumes of Oracle data," he added.
In addition to strong warehouse management capabilities, the Retek Integration Solution enables the integration of Tesco's existing flat-file, batch processing architecture into an XML, real-time architecture," said Graham Spillane, supply chain director with Tesco Malaysia stores.
DiscoveryLink customers will be able to use SRS to integrate either flat-file or relational biological databases; while SRS customers can make use of DiscoveryLink to federate relational databases and integrate chemistry and other data into a single access point, all behind their own firewall.
In addition to working with flat-file databases, the BioRS Plus system offers the ability to integrate and work with relational databases.
They will learn from experts how database-driven Web sites work, what the major software components are, the basics of database data management and how to convert your existing flat-file site to a platform that can grow and evolve with your business.