(flăt′wô′tər, -wŏt′ər)
Of or on a level or slow-moving watercourse: flat-water canoeing; a flat-water race.
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A flat-water race can be hard to be number one, but with rough conditions, we can push the boat to the max and up to the podium.
The next closest comparable facility is the Welland International Flat-water Centre on the Welland Canal.
We have long planned to offer a comprehensive flat-water paddling program in the North Lake Tahoe region for people with disabilities and their families.
It includes surf kayaking in Tramore, white-water kayaking at the Clashganny Rapids and flat-water paddling and canoe polo.
TIM BRABANTS is among the nine athletes selected by the British Olympic Association to represent Team GB in the flat-water Canoe Sprint at London 2012.
On calm, flat-water winter days, eiders float and drift as though painted on a portrait, offering little action.
Surf skis are now used worldwide for recreation, surf life-saving, training and competition on flat-water or ocean downwind racing.
Hailey: I live on a river, no whitewater, just flat-water.
However, he never mentioned the other three athletes and how Ferguson (who finished seventh in the 500-m flat-water event) defied the boycott, inasmuch as New Zealand boycotted the Moscow Games.
The group is based at Northumberland College, where students are learning about flat-water kayaking and "play-boating" in the waves.
Be patient (this might be one of those flat-water sections of the river we talked about earlier).