(flăt′wīz′) also flat·ways (-wāz′)
With the flat side down or in contact with a surface.



also flat•ways


with the flat side, rather than the edge, foremost or in contact.
References in classic literature ?
Then straightway large-eyed queenly Hera prayed, striking the ground flatwise with her hand, and speaking thus:
12 shows the relationship between the flatwise bending angle and PDIV, and Fig.
Investigation of the anisotropy of creep deformation has indicated that a wood-PVC composite loaded in the flatwise direction produces less time-dependent deformation than in the edgewise direction [10].
We added flatwise 2x6s to provide backing for our glass-shelf supports.
Two international standards, ISO 179 and 180, allow for seven types of specimens, three different notch shapes, and three methods of striking the sample--Izod, Charpy flatwise, and Charpy edgewise.
Also at Varbola, the stove ends were supported by walls of flatwise laid granite stones and limestone slabs (T6nisson 1981, 49).
ISO 75-1 allows the testing of specimens in both the "edgewise" and "flatwise" directions--13 options for testing in the edgewise direction and five options for testing in the flatwise direction.
These were loosely covered over in hubcaps and beer trays and chrome squares that looked like giant glitter, all spotwelded together, flatwise and overlapping, like fish scales or the plates of a tortoise carapace.
Diante das possibilidades apresentadas em pesquisas anteriores, o presente trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar a massa especifica basica (MEb), o modulo de elasticidade (MOE) e o modulo de ruptura (MOR) a partir do teste de flexao estatica na posicao flatwise e na posicao edgewise de paineis LVL com e sem reforco de fibra de vidro.