flavor of the month

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flavor of the month

A person or thing that is currently but temporarily popular.

fla′vor-of-the-month′ adj.

fla′vor of the month′

the subject of intense, usu. temporary interest; the current fashion.
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The Turkey Ice Cream Cake can be customized with a guest's favorite Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor, including theNovember Flavor of the Month, German Chocolate Cake.
Guests can also celebrate Halloween all month long with our Flavor of the Month, Trick OREO[sup.
In addition to the November flavor of the month, participating Baskin-Robbins locations are also featuring Shrek's Hot Sludge Sundae, a combination of Oreo Cookies 'n Cream ice cream, hot fudge, crushed chocolate cookies, whipped cream and squiggly gummy worms; and Shrek Freeze Frame Cake, featuring an image of Shrek and Donkey framed by sunflowers.
The offer is valid for all 31 ice cream flavors, including August's Flavor of the Month, at participating Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide.
NOTE TO EDITORS: Samples of the original chocolate and/or flavor of the month (August: white chocolate pina colada; September: milk chocolate) are available upon request.
Beginning today, guests can enjoy Baskin-Robbins' June Flavor of the Month, Dunkin' Donuts Coffee 'N Donut , which features Dunkin' Donuts coffee and donut-flavored ice creams dunked with donut pieces and a chocolate flavored icing ribbon.
While diving with great white sharks at Guadalupe Island, I wondered if I was the flavor of the month.
We are therefore particularly delighted that Lloyds TSB's decision to select SAS was part of a competitive tender as this illustrates that risk management is not just the flavor of the month.
Through January, guests can enjoy the Delicious Flavor of the Month and a free freshly-baked waffle cone with the purchase of any double scoop
1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Baskin-Robbins, the world's largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, is helping guests celebrate the holiday season with its festive lineup of ice cream cakes and a cool Flavor of the Month to spread even more holiday cheer.
Oh sure, on one hand the Angels are baseball's flavor of the month.