flavor of the month

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flavor of the month

A person or thing that is currently but temporarily popular.

fla′vor-of-the-month′ adj.

fla′vor of the month′

the subject of intense, usu. temporary interest; the current fashion.
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Liberal Party (LP) standard-bearer Mar Roxas need not change his campaign strategy as he is confident that he will be the flavor of the month in May.
The first animated spot kicks off the beginning of summer with the introduction of "Humphrey Hound," a lackadaisical dog who springs to life when tempted with the Baskin-Robbins June Flavor of the Month, Baseball Nut ice cream.
But some eco-blogs are showing signs of becoming more than the flavor of the month.
At these Winter Olympics, figure skating is flamboyant, flirtatious and festive, catering to the flavor of the month.
As far as Drew goes, she likes to have her flavor of the month.
To cut to the quick: White pain is now the flavor of the month, and if oppression (class, that is, not race, sexual orientation, or gender) leaves a guy with some rough misogynist and homophobic edges, what can you expect?