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1. Distinctive taste; savor: a flavor of smoke in bacon.
2. A distinctive yet intangible quality felt to be characteristic of a given thing: "What matters in literature ... is surely the idiosyncratic, the individual, the flavor or color of a particular human suffering" (Harold Bloom).
3. A flavoring: contains no artificial flavors.
4. Physics
a. Any of six types of quark (down, up, strange, charm, bottom, top), distinguished by generation, electric charge, and mass.
b. Any of six types of lepton (electron, electron neutrino, muon, muon neutrino, tauon, tau neutrino), distinguished by generation, electric charge, and mass.
5. Archaic Aroma; fragrance.
tr.v. fla·vored, fla·vor·ing, fla·vors
To give flavor to.

[Middle English flavour, aroma, from Old French flaor (perhaps influenced in form by Middle English savour, taste, savor), from Vulgar Latin *flātor, from Latin flāre, to blow; see bhlē- in Indo-European roots.]

fla′vor·er n.
fla′vor·less adj.
fla′vor·ous (-əs), fla′vor·some (-səm) adj.
fla′vor·y adj.
References in classic literature ?
But under pretence of seeing if it was properly flavored, Christie raised it to her own lips.
All this ingenious mixture was ground up and flavored with spices to make it taste like something.
One was upholding the merits of hasty pudding and the other stood out stoutly for meat pie, "especially--quoth this one--"when flavored with young onions
Mercy on us, Anne, you've flavored that cake with ANODYNE LINIMENT.
I shall always be pointed at as the girl who flavored a cake with anodyne liniment.
Dorothy, however, was hungry, and she was not afraid of being ill; so she ate several cakes and found them good, and also she drank a cup of excellent coffee made of a richly flavored clay, browned in the furnaces and then ground fine, and found it most refreshing and not at all muddy.
Flavor manufacturers are working harder to maintain their market share and are visiting roasters with greater regularity, showing them how to build a base for flavored coffees and suggesting flavor mediums that work with their manufacturing equipment.
Tampico, the top-selling juice drink brand among Hispanic consumers, is introducing an irresistible new line of naturally-flavored, zero-calorie water beverages sure to drown out America's "agua aggravation" - Tampico Flavored Water Beverages.
You'll also find ideas in the book for exotic flavored oil pickles, popular in parts of Asia and Italy.
There are many choices of flavors to use -- depending on if one wants a subtle enhanced coffee or a predominant flavored coffee.
With Aperol's versatility, unique flavor and brilliant orange color, it is the perfect spirit for the sophisticated, yet relaxed consumer in the fast growing flavored drink market.
Flavored ice cream should be well balanced between the fresh cream, sweeteners and flavoring material.