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tr.v. flayed, flay·ing, flays
1. To strip off the skin or outer covering of.
2. To strip of money or goods; fleece.
3. To whip or lash.
4. To assail with stinging criticism; excoriate.

[Middle English flen, from Old English flēan.]

flay′er n.
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For feeding a rascally footpad, locked up these six months in the little cell of the flayer, until it should be determined what to do with him, six livres, four sols.
Know then that though there may be peace between our own provinces and the French, yet within the marches of France there is always war, for the country is much divided against itself, and is furthermore harried by bands of flayers, skinners, Brabacons, tardvenus, and the rest of them.
Regular flayers and grinders, my dear Lammle,' repeated Fledgeby with a peculiar relish, 'and they'll skin you by the inch, from the nape of your neck to the sole of your foot, and grind every inch of your skin to tooth-powder.
Players will also get the chance to meet the new third-floor boos, called the Mine Flayer.
3 Brad Hodge is no unknown quantity to the tourists as a regular flayer of county trundlers in southern hemisphere winters.
In a corporate world where meat was said to pay for cows and steers and profits came in the forms of hides, tallow, sinews, bones, glands, and casings, the flayer could still be valued for his surgical attributes.