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Amanda Hadingue is aspiring conman Iharev, who checks into a fleapit hotel with the aim of winning big from his fellow guests.
com RECALLING the Coronet Cinema in my book Cardiff Voices, I had this to say: "The Coronet in Woodville Road was the nearest fleapit or local cinema to where I lived.
com Riff Chelsea Back in the 1980s when Madonna stayed here, it was known as the Chelsea Star - and was a genuine New York fleapit.
sac integrit " Speaking in the dressing room of the ancient fleapit theatre - a famed hiding place of Marie Antoinette and one-time hangout of French artists such as Toulouse Lautrec - Gavin admitted he was concerned whether French audiences would get the play.
Initial investigations showed that the deep fleapit, filled with rain water, is used by the residents of the area in irrigating palm trees, farms, and animals there.
There was just a piano and a 1960s fleapit cinema-sized small screen.
Linda eld a gun to her the more torrid y penny of her playing in fleapit took off after ed to ban it.
On March 20 and 21, the cinema is screening The Smallest Show On Earth - the classic comedy from 1957 which stars Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna as a young couple who inherit his uncle's fleapit cinema.
He and a friend tentatively walked through the doors of Donnington gym, known locally as The Fleapit.
And it's a loving homage to the B-movies that played in fleapit cinemas in the 70s, replete with oodles of violence, gore and gratuitous nudity.
fLEAPit--those who LEAP out of the FLEAPIT must be FIT
New words by this time had become firmly established within the English vocabulary: the picture house, the flicks and the fleapit were words used to great affection by the regular cinemagoers.