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Consisting of, prepared with, or relating to meat or meat products.

[Yiddish fleyshik, from fleysh, meat, from Middle High German vleisch, from Old High German fleisc, flesh.]


(ˈfleɪ ʃɪg, -ʃɪk)

adj. Judaism.
(in the dietary laws) consisting of, made from, or used only for meat or meat products. Compare milchig, pareve.
[1940–45; < Yiddish fleyshik; see flesh, -y1]
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We just added water, sugar, eggs, sour cream and, for fleishig, meat balls and hot plain boiled potatoes.
It will feature quail, red deer, fleishig (meat) eggs, bison, udder, shibuta and tambaqui (fish that according to the Talmud taste like pork).
We've got four services of dishes on our bridal registry--Shabbos, everyday milchig, everyday fleishig, and Pesach--all expensive, all picked out by him.