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1. often fleshpots A district or establishment offering erotic pleasures or entertainment.
2. fleshpots Sensual pleasure or sexual gratification.


pl n
1. luxurious or self-indulgent living
2. places, such as striptease clubs, where bodily desires are gratified or titillated
[C16: from the Biblical use as applied to Egypt (Exodus 16:3)]



places offering luxurious and unrestrained pleasure or amusement.
[1535; after Exodus 16:3]


[ˈfleʃpɒts] NPL (fig) → antros mpl de libertinaje
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The frizzle-headed man-eaters were loath to leave their fleshpots so long as the harvest of human carcases was plentiful.
They don't need a man who has turned it in and is now more famous for propping up bars in swanky Cheshire fleshpots.
I scarcely have words to describe what my friend and I gawped at as they passed us by - mounds of gaping flab rolling off to the fleshpots, flimsy nurses' and animal costumes contrasting with the delicate floral prettiness of the Atkinson crockery that was delivering us a really special afternoon tea.
Will not the earth be rent asunder by earthquake and deep reservoirs empty themselves into the fleshpots of Deansgate?
The Stranglers song will no doubt prove popular in the fleshpots of Cheltenham and so will I as I intend to unload some lager tokens on the leeches on the rails.
A teenage mother with her boyfriend and baby, leaving a town in which they'd been squatting in a local stable, who flee to the fleshpots of Egypt, even though they seem to be carrying expensive contraband goods like gold, frankincense and myrrh in their belongings.
A mention of how horrible his old school was and an anecdote about bunking off aged 14 and visiting London's fleshpots ("We had a look and came home") sees his famous acerbic wit on show again.
So Wu follows the Chinese community through the city, north to The Bronx and its restaurants, gambling and sex dens, and south to Chinatown and its own fleshpots and gaming spots.
It is also a tribute to the Cannes film festival, which has launched countless hits and which I used to regularly attend when I was a very horny young man making my way around the Riviera fleshpots armed only with a Jaguar convertible, a tennis racket, and absolutely not a penny in my pocket.
Maybe the shock winners, knowing a prolonged run at Wimbledon is implausible (especially if English), celebrate just a little too hard that night in the fleshpots of Wimbledon Village.
In order to keep the clergy quiescent, those nice guys you see getting off private 747s in the world's fleshpots keep buying arms from Uncle Sam and from France and Britain.
Most of these stories are associated with New York and the vibrant East Coast fight scene, but in the 1970s boxing's heart was lured to the fleshpots of Las Vegas and its cash-rich casinos.