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(Physiology) the practice of chewing food thoroughly and drinking liquids in small sips to aid digestion
[C20: named after Horace Fletcher (1849–1919), American nutritionist]

Fletcherism, fletcherism

the practice of eating only when hungry and in small amounts, and especially chewing one’s food thoroughly, recommended as an aid to digestion by Horace Fletcher (1849-1919), American dietitian. — Fletcherite, n.Fletcherize, v.
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Though some of the Battle Creek Sanitarium therapies may seem bizarre to modern minds -- hydropathy, sexual temperance, Fletcherism (chewing one's food until liquefied) -- compared to the prevailing medical quackery of purgatives, elixirs, and bloodletting, Kellogg's emphasis on a clean diet, exercise, and mind-body connection seem cutting edge even today.
Fletcherism was the "in" dieting fad for the Edwardians.
Fletcherism (excessive chewing of food before swallowing it) became popular, especially among men seeking to reduce weight.