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Noun1.flexible joint - a joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the otherflexible joint - a joint that holds two parts together so that one can swing relative to the other
bi-fold door - an interior door
butt hinge - a hinge mortised flush into the edge of the door and jamb
car door - the door of a car
exterior door, outside door - a doorway that allows entrance to or exit from a building
French door - a light door with transparent or glazed panels extending the full length
gate - a movable barrier in a fence or wall
joint - junction by which parts or objects are joined together
pintle - a pin or bolt forming the pivot of a hinge
joint hinge, strap hinge - a hinge with two long straps; one strap is fastened to the surface of a moving part (e.g., a door or lid) and the other is fastened to the adjacent stationary frame
swing door, swinging door - a door that swings on a double hinge; opens in either direction
T hinge, tee hinge - a hinge that looks like the letter T when it is opened; similar to a strap hinge except that one strap has been replaced by half of a butt hinge that can be mortised flush into the stationary frame
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Each of the miniature machines produced by the lead author Enzo Kopperger comprises a 400 nanometer arm attached to a rigid 55 by 55 nanometer base plate with a flexible joint made of unpaired bases.
The Torque Servo Module enables T-HR3's core capabilities: Flexible Joint Control, to control the force of contact the robot makes with any individuals or objects in its surrounding environment; Whole-body Coordination and Balance Control, to maintain the robot's balance if it collides with objects in its environment; and Real Remote Maneuvering, to give users seamless and intuitive control over the robot.
Notably, last year we initiated Iron Crucible 2014 with the purpose of assessing the ability of the programmed Joint Force 2020 to execute globally integrated operations through global agility and flexible joint command.
The aim is to create a flexible joint from composite materials with low weight and high fatigue life.
The Style 77 coupling, designed for cut grooved systems, creates a flexible joint and is ideal for abrasive service piping, such as railings and slurry lines.
This enables flexible joint movement with excellent sealability.
The resulting flexible joint connection is adjustable in all directions.
The text includes chapter exercises and further reading, recent illustrations of student projects, and appendices on classical and flexible joint equivalents found in mechanisms, and properties of selected materials.
Thinking it could be arthritis, I give him 5ml of flexible joint oil in his dinner.
The moving mirror is run smoothly and precisely by a flexible joint system.
Sealant specialist Geocel has launched an MS Polymer sealant that provides a high strength, permanently flexible joint with fast cure times.
Loctite[R] specialty materials for concrete repair and protection include fast cure formulations, flexible joint sealants/crack fillers, and chemically resistant materials.

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