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An arrangement by which employees may set their own work schedules, especially their starting and finishing hours. Also called flexitime.

[flex(ible) time.]



also flex•i•time

(ˈflɛk sɪ-)

a system that allows an employee to choose the hours for starting and leaving work.
flex′tim`er, n.
pohyblivá pracovná doba


nGleitzeit f
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Yam, Fehr and Barnes designed three studies to test for managerial bias in flextime situations.
Individuals who place a premium on traditional benefits likely will look to the South, which tends to lead in the number of organizations that offer the top eight perks in the surveys: flextime, business casual days, free or subsidized parking, employer-paid association and professional dues, full-time business casual policy, employee assistance plan (EAP), subsidized training and professional development, and telecommuting.
Abbott offers a comprehensive offering of health care, wellness, work/life and other family-friendly benefits, as well as flexible work options such as job sharing, compressed work-weeks, telecommuting and flextime to help employees find success at work and home.
Of the workplace benefits Gallup studied, flextime yielded the strongest relationship to overall wellbeing among employees.
Work schedules that may include traditional flextime, compressed workweek, telecommuting and/or work at home;
company, with about 820 employees around the world, is known for work/life initiatives ranging from an onsite childcare center to a bevy of flextime arrangements.
Leading Japanese companies started adopting flextime during the ''bubble economy'' of the late 1980s with the aim of boosting creativity in the workplace.
has paid employees on flextime for overtime following a recommendation by a labor standards inspection office in Osaka that it rectify its payment system and pay such overtime, sources close to the case said Friday.
This is more evidence for employers that offering corporate eldercare benefits that support caregivers, such as flextime and long-term-care insurance, may contribute to workplace productivity and tenure," said Gail Hunt, executive director of the national alliance.
This issue of the Review explores the growing incidence and impact of strategies ranging from contingent work to flextime.
Answering that call, Utah employers are creating more tailored work environments and providing increased opportunities for flextime and telecommuting.
Flextime and part-time hours are the most common forms of flexible work arrangements, and telework/work-at-home programs among survey respondents increased from 11% in 1989 to 50% in 1999.