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1. A curve, turn, or fold, such as a bend in a tubular organ: a flexure of the colon.
2. The act or an instance of bending or flexing; flexion.

flex′ur·al adj.
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Additives have been introduced that are said to improve polyolefin properties such as tensile strength, heat deflection temperature and flexural modulus.
3], in his paper state that increasing untreated rice husk powder in PVC matrix will result in decreasing composite tensile and flexural strength, strain and modulus.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian materials engineers increased flexural strength and toughness of hydroxyapatite pieces by using oxide nanoparticles compatible with the body.
Reinforced with high-carbon metallic fibers, structural product formulation can achieve compressive strengths up to 29,000 psi and flexural strengths up to 2,900 psi.
Tensile and flexural specimens for all blends were manufactured using an Arburg Allrounder 221 M injection molding machine.
Chemical modifications of kenaf fibers with alkali enhanced the flexural strength and flexural modulus, but did not reduce the water uptake of the kenaf--UPE composites (14).
However, a lower modulus of elasticity of non-metallic reinforcement significantly increases midspan deflection of tested flexural members.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Electrically operated Flexural Strength testing machine(Confirming to IS 516,BS:1881 and ASTM C-78) for testing of Flexural strength of concrete beams size 100*100*500 mm and 150*700 mm .
The results show, [9, 10] that adding ceramic fibre into concrete could increase the flexural strength of mortar obviously, but the effect of the flexural reinforcement was influenced by the fibre properties and kinds of the matrices.
This experimental investigation focused on the response of a UHPC beam subjected to concurrent inelastic flexural loading and the application of a 15 percent sodium chloride solution.
A cost-effectiveness analysis showed these composites were more cost-effective than glass fiber-reinforced sheet molding compounds (SMCs) for carrying tensile and flexural loads when their fiber loadings reached 51.