flight pay

flight′ pay`

a pay supplement allowed by the U.S. Air Force to certain crew members who attain a minimum flight time per month.
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There's also a copy here of the Ernie Pyle Bill, a congressional act Pyle advocated that gave combat infantrymen battle pay akin to the flight pay aircrews had been receiving.
Shahab Siddiqui, founder of Cheap Flights Finder, says: "The day you travel can have a massive impact on the price you pay, but there will also be a significant difference in the price people on the same flight pay.
He also described how General Lavelle had been receiving flight pay until the day he retired.
The real reasons aeromedical specialists are required to fly is so they'll understand your work and the unique stresses you face--and flight pay is hazardous-duty pay.
UPS and the union have agreed there will be no furloughs through April 1, 2010, and that the IPA will continue to work this year to produce additional savings," the company said in a statement, adding that the cost cuts "have been produced through voluntary programs such as pilots taking short- and long-term leaves of absence; military leaves; job sharing; reductions in flight pay guarantees; early retirement, and sick bank contributions.
As a result, the Air Force has been crediting UAV hours toward pilots' flight pay calculations to improve both compensation and morale, Hasik says.
She flew only enough to qualify for her flight pay (I think it was 50 hours); but one trip would meet that requirement.
You might also lose your flight pay if you don't get this done in time
Once assigned to a P-3 squadron, FEs enjoy the highest selective reenlistment bonus in their community, and draw monthly career enlisted incentive flight pay and special duty assignment pay for the NEC 8251.
There are differences in flight pay, educational benefits, incentives for military lawyers, and enlistment and retention bonuses, to name only a few examples.
The flying, the flight pay, and the chance to take part in those missions was something very special to me," Mr.