flight suit

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flight′ suit`

a long-sleeved jumpsuit made of fire-resistant material, worn typically by members of an aircraft crew.
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Meanwhile, Elon Musk has also shown more of the space flight suit that future astronauts will be wearing on their way to Mars.
Although Musk refers to the suit as a space suit in both captions of the photos, it's most likely more of a flight suit to be worn while in the Dragon Crew craft.
euro]39k will get you Tom Cruise's flight suit from Top Gun, below MAVERICK UNIFORM
Family brought symbols of Paul's life to the altar including his flight suit and helmet, photographs, hill walking boots, awards and an Irish flag.
Honeywell, a Fortune 100 software-industrial company, recently honoured four UAE-based teachers at a special Flight Suit Ceremony at ThinkScience Connect 2017.
What if your homework was to design a new flight suit to help skydivers go farther and faster than ever before?
Before donning an Air Force flight suit, he, too, wore the uniform of an Army paratrooper.
His flight suit was intact and he had his old Boy Scout knife, but he'd forgotten his mittens on the plane.
I look at my flight suit and see accomplishments, record setting loads, I see experiences of bringing people home," she said.
Borschberg tweeted back with a photo of Piccard in the cockpit and a message that the pilot -- clad in an orange flight suit, blue air mask and dark sunglasses -- was "looking great after more than 10 hours of flight".
The pilot apologized for the turbulence, saying it would last a while, and if anyone was not feeling well, they should take a piece of newspaper and open their flight suit and stick the newspaper next to their stomach.
Before he left the West Sussex track the prince was given a baby flight suit for nephew Prince George.
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