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Mechanically or structurally fit for flight.

flight′wor′thi·ness n.


(ˈflaɪtˌwɜr ði)

in proper physical or mechanical condition for safe flight.
flight′wor`thi•ness, n.
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But before production began, the nine test models were fired off on rockets over Lake Ontario from a military artillery range near the marina to gauge their flightworthiness.
Scientist Diego Janches and laser experts Mike Krainak and Tony Yu, all of whom work at NASAs Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, are leading a research-and-development effort to further advance the sodium lidar, which the group plans to deploy on the International Space Station if it succeeds in proving its flightworthiness.
That's why we are calling it an engineering flight (proof of concept) where we verify the flightworthiness of the GPS tracker and camera, and not a science flight where specific science goals are achieved.
Flight heritage is precious and an entire Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale has been developed as a measure of flightworthiness to assist in evaluation of survival risk.
As such, before he and his colleagues boarded the helicopter, they asked to conduct a simple maintenance log check and verify the flightworthiness certificates.
France, Italy and Portugal appear to disagree with the nature of the inspections (they can be carried out to check the flightworthiness of equipment and products and to ensure that Member States are implementing the Regulation properly).
Navy P-3 work done by L-3 IS focuses on airframe and component inspection and refurbishment to ensure flightworthiness.
During the assessment on 15-19 February, auditors visited more than 20 divisions of the airline in charge of corporate strategy, bonus programs, marketing, product quality, administration, transportation sales, aircraft fleet development, network and finance management, customer complaints, human resources, aviation security, passenger service on board, flightworthiness and aircraft maintenance, flight operations, coordination at Sheremetyevo International Airport, quality management system and workplace and environmental safety.