Mechanically or structurally fit for flight.

flight′wor′thi·ness n.


(ˈflaɪtˌwɜr ði)

in proper physical or mechanical condition for safe flight.
flight′wor`thi•ness, n.
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Tenders are invited for Flightworthy Vibration Amplifier Accessories
He has showed that the lightweight design is flightworthy.
And we see him break into a cold sweat when his baby gets its first shots and undergoes the rigorous tests necessary to prove that his machines are flightworthy.
Columbia was one of four flightworthy reusable space shuttle orbiters in NASA's fleet.
Serck Aviation has launched a new method for producing flightworthy heat exchangers for the Pratt & Whitney PW600 aero-engine using prototype techniques at Farnborough 2000.
The following month, the first suite of engines was delivered for use in the ground test program and the first flightworthy example will be dispatched in the coming weeks.
But the very mixture of features that made the fossil evolutionarily interesting--the flightworthy feathers and advanced wing structure of birds and a tail like that of a small theropod dinosaur--also caused some scientists to doubt its authenticity (SN: 11/20/99, p.
For example, the review panel felt that the two Deep Space 2 surface probes, which had accompanied MPL to Mars, were not flightworthy at the time they were launched.
The completions process begins with a newly manufactured, flightworthy, production aircraft.
If the agency decides that the Pegasus XL requires considerably more testing before it is deemed flightworthy, "the only choice is to use a Russian launch vehicle, and that choice, given the climate of 'buy American', is not politically popular right now," she says.