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Bits, fragments, or splinters.

[Middle English flendris, possibly of Scandinavian origin; akin to Norwegian flindra, splinter.]


pl n
rare small fragments or splinters (esp in the phrase fly into flinders)
[C15: probably of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian flindra thin piece of stone]


(ˈflɪn dərz)

splinters; fragments.
[1400–50; late Middle English]
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Noun1.flinders - British explorer who mapped the Australian coast (1774-1814)Flinders - British explorer who mapped the Australian coast (1774-1814)
2.flinders - bits and splinters and fragmentsflinders - bits and splinters and fragments; "it would have shattered in flinders long before it did that damage"
plural, plural form - the form of a word that is used to denote more than one
aggregation, collection, accumulation, assemblage - several things grouped together or considered as a whole
References in classic literature ?
Bertie did not see the bottle go off; but the mate opportunely discharging a stick of real dynamite aft where it would harm nobody, Bertie would have sworn in any admiralty court to a nigger blown to flinders.
Even in June there were leaders, letters, large headlines, leaded type; the Daily Chronicle devoting half its literary page to a charming drawing of the island capital which the new Pall Mall, in a leading article headed by a pun, advised the Government to blow to flinders.
In addition Flinders needlessly aggravated Decaen with his haughty manner and refusal to accept a dinner invitation shortly after his arrest.
The event was also the final race for the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania's Bass and Flinders Trophy, with Nicorette winning the Line Honours Trophy from the Victorian maxis Wild Thing and Sorbent Helsal.
Flinders Chase can continue Charlie Mann's excellent run with a win today in the Market Rasen Racecourse Sponsorship Club `National Hunt' Novices' Hurdle (1.
Jones was ordered off on 28 minutes and Flinders, in for the injured Julian Speroni, got his reprieve six minutes later.
Jorgensen again found himself with a chance two minutes after the break, but his stooping header didn't trouble Brighton keeper Scott Flinders.
The Bairns boss wants to keep hold of Flinders, 22, for the remainder of the campaign but has been eyeing up alternatives in case he fails.
Chloe Byrnes and Matthew Flinders were also successful in their recent tap exams gaining nominations for the International Dance Teachers Association Theatre Awards to be held in Manchester next February.
The Addicks forward cleverly chipped Hartlepool keeper Scott Flinders, only to see his shot hit the woodwork.
In the past five years we have seen the reissue of Ernest Scott's magisterial 1914 biography, two editions of Flinders' correspondence with his wife, a reprint of Flinders' `biography' of his cat, an account of a previous re-enactment of Bass and Flinders' New South Wales and Tasmanian coastal explorations, and Anthony Brown's Ill-starred Captains, recounting the careers of Flinders and Nicolas Baudin (reviewed in JRAHS, vol 87, pt 2).
The four winners were: Jason Flinders (Woolston Rovers), Tom McFarlane (County Combination), John Williams (Ford Motors) and Adrian McEl-hinney (Toby Celtic).