fling down

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w>fling down

vt sep (lit)runterschmeißen (inf); to fling down the gauntletden Fehdehandschuh hinwerfen or hinschleudern
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As long as you keep her propeller under water and take care, say, not to fling down barrels of oil on top of bales of silk, or deposit an iron bridge-girder of five ton or so upon a bed of coffee-bags, you have done about all in the way of duty that the cry for prompt despatch will allow you to do.
Press the go button and the fun starts, with smooth but punchy acceleration even in standard power mode from an 850cc powerplant clearly delighted at only having 188kg of machine to fling down the road, accompanied by an exquisitely visceral snarl from those Akrapovic pipes.
It was just the kind of gauntlet these Young Turks, hot off the success of "Company," wanted to fling down to stodgy old Broadway.