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adj. flint·i·er, flint·i·est
1. Containing or composed of flint.
2. Unyielding; stern: a flinty manner.

flint′i·ly adv.
flint′i·ness n.
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Some people, Sir, would have been all flintiness and granite.
What would the Stradey Park icon have made of the hot-knife-throughbutter running of Johnny McNicholl, the one-man party that is Rob Evans, the lethal wing play of Steff Evans, the flintiness of Liam Williams, the understated athleticism of Aaron Shingler, the breakdown skill of John Barclay, Tadhg Beirne and Ryan Elias?
And there is welcome flintiness in Rodgers' assertion that Sterling will not, under any circumstances, be sold in the summer.
Miliband gets knocked but has a flintiness and a humanity that might show.
Citrus aromas lead into ripe melon and green apple notes with noticeable flintiness on the finish.
Agirregoikoa's portraits of truth blend some of Goya's flintiness with the brashness of American comics.
Scott says the flintiness of the chalky soil would damaged the cutter heads, requiring frequent maintenance to be carried out under difficult conditions beneath the river.