flip off

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w>flip off

vt sepwegschnipsen; top, catchaufklappen
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Others will want to flip off corporations, politicians, or celebrities.
I was also partial to rolling down hills in cardboard boxes and can recall splitting my head open by trying to back flip off a metal bar.
I was flirting with this guy while he was trying to teach me how to do a flip off the diving board.
Flip off the cap and the drink explodes fresh and fizzy and so pale it could almost be called Perrier Vale.
After a fast, first-round defeat, Sullivan took the lead within 15 seconds of the second round with a pin fall from a flip off the ropes.
Rodriguez struggled from the start, missing a kick flip off the box in his first run for 71.
Silas bucked a massive kickflip over the water and Stefan sailed a beaut of a frontside flip off the kicker to the fiat bank.
You flip off the lights, but an eerie glow remains--the displays and clocks of your cable TV box, VCR, and stereo.
Black radicals, and the black community at large, always excused Farrakhan's conservatism in exchange for his unique willingness to consistently flip off white America.