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Adv.1.flip-flap - with repeated strokes and noise; "something going flip-flap in the night"
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Axel Scheffler's Flip-Flap Farm by Axel Scheffler; Signed Stories: The Lark in the Ark by Peter Bently, illustrated by Lynne Chapman; Little Red Riding Hood, Illustrated by Ed Bryan; and The Slightly Annoying Elephant by David Walliams, illustrated by Tony Ross.
Our original Flip-Flap design not only provides minimum head loss through the unit but also ensures that under no circumstances can the seal between the two coupling body halves open to atmosphere, before the internal flap valves have been released and provided a 100 per cent shut off.
A left cross flashed through Tait's flip-flap guard and ripped into his chin.
A strong wind blows each article away with a flip-flap, and her clothes land in faraway and often unreachable places.
THE author of the hugely popular Hug has come up with these really simple flip-flap books that are perfect for the two to four age range.
Loose-forward Ron Cribb - labelled the new Zinzan Brooke - sent Justin Marshall clear with a cheeky flip-flap pass, then dashed upfield to be in the perfect position to accept Jonah Lomu's scoring feed.
But they do have long, curvy necks, flip-flap lips, and two-toed hooves--just as their desert relatives do.
Another problem was that only one car at a time could be sent through the Flip-Flap.
The other survivor is New York's 'Storefront', founded by Kyong Park, who sent his tentacles into the world of moral politics, architecture and art, kick-starting twenty years of surprises swinging out of an impossibly narrow triangular room flanked by Steven Holl's flip-flap outer wall.
Traditions, as well as massive helpings of Corten steel, twisted tin, plastics, timber slats, tenting, shiny brick, dull brick or flip-flaps made from almost any material.