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1. Given to flirting.
2. Full of playful allure: a flirtatious glance.

flir·ta′tious·ly adv.
flir·ta′tious·ness n.
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Adv.1.flirtatiously - in a flirtatious manner; "she smiled coquettishly"
cilve yaparak


(fləːt) verb
(often with with) to behave (towards someone) as though one were in love but without serious intentions. She flirts with every man she meets.
a person, especially a woman, who behaves in this way.
flirˈtation noun
act of flirting.
flirˈtatious (-ʃəs) adjective
flirˈtatiously adverb
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II-34 Scanty Gossamer Gowns: For Today's Cheeky Woman II-34 Whites: No Longer the Lone Symbol of Purity II-34 Bare Shouldered Gowns Heightening the Need for Jewelry & Finery II-35 Embroided Dresses Hit the Spotlight II-35 The Sweetheart Neckline: Flirtatiously Feminine II-35 Short is Trendy.
It's hard to imagine Anastasia Steele would be quite so charmed by Mr Grey if she could hear him cracking Carry On-style innuendos to himself while she's flirtatiously biting her lip at him.
Clark of the University of California, Riverside, who has analyzed how male hummingbirds make their tails whine and whir as they flirtatiously dive-bomb females.
In contrast, Fosse's figure of death is a flirtatiously sexy woman in white (Jessica Lange), who periodically comes to tempt Gideon closer and closer to the end of life.
Also, there is a brilliant scene where the young lovers are flirtatiously discussing a book.
Even as the organisers led the crowd of onlookers from vehicle to vehicle, a few among them could be seen checking the vintage beauties on their own - eyes wandering over their beautiful leather upholstered interiors and letting their fingers run flirtatiously over polished curves that belonged to an automobile generation from aeons ago.
It is a flirtatiously fruity cherry-red wine, with bilberries, blueberries and harvest fruits on the nose and some burnt toffee from the oak.
The morality cops are back on the streets of Tehran looking for clinging clothing and wisps of hair appearing flirtatiously from under headscarves.
But the guys on the next table were not happy as one of the waitresses - a very attractive blonde, was flirtatiously wearing a bow tie, which one of the guys on the next table had loaned to her, the New York Post reported.
com/2013/04/26/harry-styles-rod-stewart-daughter-kimberly-stewart-dating-rolls-royce/) were flirtatiously fooling around throughout the meal .
Suzie flips her hair and dances flirtatiously with the white sailor in a tight-fitting uniform to the rhythm of the beat.