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A small, loosely held mass or aggregate of fine particles, resembling a tuft of wool and suspended in or precipitated from a solution.

[New Latin flocculus, flocculus; see flocculus.]


(ˈflɒkjuːl) ,






1. (Chemistry) a small aggregate of flocculent material
2. something resembling a tuft of wool
[C19: from Late Latin flocculus a little tuft; see flock2]


(ˈflɒk yul)

a bit of flocculent matter, as in a liquid.
[1835–45; < New Latin flocculus < Latin floccus tuft of wool + -ule]
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Noun1.floccule - a small loosely aggregated mass of flocculent material suspended in or precipitated from a liquid
material, stuff - the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object; "coal is a hard black material"; "wheat is the stuff they use to make bread"
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A mass of floccules were flushed out during early irrigation.
The floccules were smaller and weakly aggregated at low stearic acid concentration, while they were prone to accumulation with increasing concentration.
This condition showed that gelatinized starch existed in the parenchyma cells in the form of floccules.
In this stage, if the flocculated is strained, floccules will curdle.
Making a smear from the floccules of phenol ammonium sulphate treated samples was reported to be less tedious and the smears were uniformly thin (3).
The formation of large floccules also increased the settling rate of fine solids in the tailings.
The water used for Treatments 4 and 5 appeared orange and suspended iron floccules were clearly visible in the water column.
O'Brien NR (1971) Fabric of kaolinite and illite floccules.