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1. Artificial light in an intensely bright and broad beam.
2. A unit that produces a beam of intense light; a flood.
tr.v. flood·light·ed or flood·lit (-lĭt′), flood·light·ing, flood·lights
To illuminate with a floodlight.


the act or process of illuminating something using floodlights
إضاءَه غامِرَه أو كاشِفَه
osvětlení reflektory
projektörle aydınlatma


[ˈflʌdlaɪtɪŋ] Niluminación f con focos


(flad) noun
1. a great overflow of water. If it continues to rain like this, we shall have floods.
2. any great quantity. a flood of fan mail.
to (cause something to) overflow with water. She left the water running and flooded the kitchen.
ˈfloodlight noun
a kind of very strong light often used to light up the outside of buildings etc. There were floodlights in the sports stadium.
verbpast tense, past participle ˈfloodlit (-lit)
to light with floodlights.
ˈfloodlighting noun
ˈfloodlit adjective
ˌflood-ˈtide noun
the rising tide.
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Contract Notice: The works will generally comprise the design and build for replacement floodlighting at Ravenscraig Stadium and will include(but not limited to): The removal and disposal of the existing luminaires, columns, cabinets, cables, controls, etc.
TRaiders took nine new floodlighting units installed at Penshaw Monument as part of a new scheme being overseen by Sunderland City Council to upgrade the illumination of the monument, which can be seen from many parts of the North East atop its hill between Washington and Houghton-le-Spring.
RESIDENTS of a Northumberland village can now enjoy playing at an outdoor community sports court for longer thanks to new floodlighting at the facility.
Brighouse High School has applied for planning consent for an artificial pitch and floodlighting at the Finkil Street school.
The installation of the new four corner floodlighting system, for which we have planning approval, takes absolute priority as we cannot now rely on the performance of the existing lights.
The extensive floodlighting continues for 635 miles (1022 km) across Rajasthan, 109 miles (176 km) across the Jammu international border, and 125 miles (202 km) through Gujarat, the report said.
Some 1,915 km of fencing and 1,861 km of floodlighting works have been completed on the Indo-Pakistan border out of 2,043 km of fencing and 2,009 km of floodlighting sanctioned by the government, he said.
He added: "We are very conscious that we have previous history, and not very good history, in relation to floodlighting applications.
We have been advised by a reputable floodlighting company that these lights have at least a 10-year life-span," said Griffiths.
Proposed floodlighting at Pearse Stadium in Salthill and Croke Park will determine the dates for the two tests.
O'Moore Park has been chosen for the installation of state of the art floodlighting to host more top night-time games.