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also floo·zie  (flo͞o′zē)
n. pl. floo·zies Slang
A woman who is regarded as tawdry or sexually promiscuous.

[Origin unknown.]


(ˈfluːzɪ) ,




n, pl -zies or -sies
slang a disreputable woman
[C20: of unknown origin]


or floo•zie

(ˈflu zi)

n., pl. -zies.
Slang. a gaudily dressed, usu. promiscuous woman, esp. a prostitute.
[1905–10; orig. uncertain]
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Noun1.floozy - a prostitute who attracts customers by walking the streets
bawd, cocotte, cyprian, fancy woman, harlot, lady of pleasure, prostitute, sporting lady, tart, whore, woman of the street, working girl - a woman who engages in sexual intercourse for money


also floozie
Slang. A vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety:


[ˈfluːzi] npouffiasse f


[ˈfluːzɪ] n (fam) → putanella
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The Library of Birmingham has left us with debt, we can't afford water for the Floozy in the Jacuzzi, the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire has cost PS57 million (Post, September 28) and Centenary Square is undergoing yet another multi-million pound upgrade.
Floozy Festive Hot off his sell-out hit show at the Edinburgh Festival, former River City star Gary Lamont is back to serve you a very camp Christmas.
If your cat doesn't want to be known as that 'new floozy who shakes their butt around at the local bingo hall,' then make sure they always cover their butt with the Twinkle Tush,' the product's read.
Peter also takes the songwriter vibe seriously, with a guitar from Dawson's, Liverpool Boris Davis, 31, from Liverpool shows off his edgy aesthetic with a shirt from Boomtown Festival, ASOS shorts, JD Sports shoes and sunglasses from Glastonbury Jaynie Brettle, 23, from North Wales, wears a navy and white striped shirt dress from New Look, teamed with gold flats from Tesco FnF and a neutral coloured bag from Floozy, Debenhams
I admit I've been paranoid and jealous in the past when I suffered the fallout from a deceitful ex - a girl who was a bit of a floozy, shall we say.
I admit I've been paranoid and jealous in the past when I suffered the fallout from a former deceitful ex - a girl who was a bit of a floozy, shall we say.
Long before Newsweek called her a ''tarted-up floozy,'' way before she married and had babies and adopted babies, and a lifetime before she opened an Instagram account, Madonna was a young woman in New York trying to make it big.
If so, that idea worked better than the characterisation, with Mary a fag-smoking floozy seducing any man she could, including her execution confessor, and pulling more grimaces than a Glasgow drag queen.
Continue to Victoria Square with The Iron Man on your left and the Floozy in the Jacuzzi.
But he's in a police cell, after the nightclub floozy he's been dallying with, Kiki, has accused him of violence.
The Girl Your Mother Won't Let You Marry Ivy, an anonymous blogger in Beirut, describes every mother's nightmare for their sons: A floozy.
That's what the crowds want, proper blue collar rock, not some floozy skipping around in a pointy bra trilling Like A Virgin (though obviously not trilling like a virgin).