flop around

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w>flop around

viherumzappeln; (person: in slippers etc) → herumschlappen
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Having thrown the end of his line in the water of a nearby brook he soon felt a sharp tug that told him a fish had bitten and was caught on the bent pin; so the little man drew in the string and, sure enough, the fish came with it and was landed safely on the shore, where it began to flop around in great excitement.
Watching a bull flop around in a wallow, or tear a pine tree to shreds with his antlers are bonuses, and coming to full draw on such a magnificent animal is the ultimate thrill for countless bowhunters.
It's great to not have to wear shoes or socks and boldly flip flop around in the heat, but let's face it, feet aren't pretty.
I just wanted everybody to feel like they could flop around.
It's startling to watch robins drop from the air, flop around and die, Jim Vyskocil said.
As we approach the explosion, we get flows that mix the materials together, causing the star to flop around and spit out material until we get an explosion.
The song was "D in Love," which he described as his biggest flop around the world, except Southeast Asia.
The rear end of the pin is wore so much that it allows the wheel to flop around.
Even though we do so much release work, you can't flop around.
I originally didn't plan on buying the molded earpieces, but using it and having the mic droop and/or flop around (as you experienced) and then discussing the problem with the customer service reps, it was strongly recommended that I buy the molded ear piece and try them.
Hydraulic hoses on some of these forklifts flop around, dangle and tangle up.
Spend some time in front of Pete's Pierside Cafe and Fish Market ($) watching the sea lions flop around.