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flop 1

v. flopped, flop·ping, flops
1. To fall or lie down heavily and noisily: flop onto the sofa.
2. To move about loosely or limply: The dog's ears flopped when it ran.
3. Informal To fail utterly: The play flopped.
4. Slang
a. To rest idly; lounge.
b. To go to bed.
5. Sports To exaggerate or simulate a fall after contact or near-contact with an opposing player in order to induce a referee to call a penalty; to dive.
1. To drop or lay (something) down heavily and noisily: flopped the steak onto a platter.
2. In certain poker games, to have attained (a hand) as a result of the first three community cards that are dealt face up at the same time: flopped a flush.
1. The act of flopping.
2. The sound made when flopping.
3. Informal An utter failure.
4. In certain poker games, the first three community cards that are dealt face up at the same time.
5. Sports An exaggerated or simulated fall after contact or near-contact with an opposing player in an attempt to induce the referee to call a penalty; a dive.

[Alteration of flap.]

flop′per n.

flop 2

n. Computers
Variant of flops.


1. slang (in politics) a person who deserts his own side in favour of another
2. informal (in basketball) a player who deliberately allows him or herself to fall when pushed by another player in order to make the opposing team take a penalty for a foul
3. slang a fraudster of various kinds; a flimflammer, esp someone who deliberately falls in order to claim damages for injuries sustained
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He also has a reputation among opponents for being a flopper.
I've created generations of Magikarp over the last couple of days, trying to create the ultimate flopper and beat all eight leagues.
The Bass Flopper by Southern Outdoor Technologies is a 10-foot long, molded polyethylene two-man bass boat, perfect for small lakes and ponds.
The main objections against her were accusations of being a "flip flopper," an implication that she changes her views based off what people want her to say.
If you're less of a flopper at the beach, a short walk along the mile-long strip of coastline finds an array of water sports, with paragliding, waterskiing and daily boat trips all on offer.
The competition, which was closely judged according to the sound of the belly flop, the size of the splash, redness of the belly after the jump and audience appreciation, saw the winner of the best belly flop, aptly crowned the best belly flopper, swim away with a staggering Dhs15000 cash prize from Speedo and an annual pass to experience the thrills of Wild Wadi for a whole year.
Now this didn't seem too difficult until you realized the target was not the rather large silhouette but half of a 4" steel flopper positioned beside the silhouette's head.