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n.1.A cerain gold coin; a Florence.
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Kresse shares the same sustainable purpose that Flor does," Rick Kilmer, president of Flor, told HFN.
It said the National Ballet of Equatorial Guinea, Ceiba, participated with Beija Flor.
Yet Flor Do Mar, on the hip Morjim stretch in north Goa, is anything but.
This is a unique presentation of fusion between mariachi music and the Punjabi folk form 'gidda' which Flor de Toloache will perform together with the students of Khalsa College for Women.
21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Flor de Cana, the award-winning, Slow-Aged(TM) rum of Nicaragua, today launched a striking new look.
According to the press service, Patricia Flor will hold talks with the Uzbek foreign minister and minister of agriculture and water resources, as well as hold meetings in the Senate - the upper house of the Uzbek parliament.
Popular Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant Flor de Sol, a chic tapas restaurant and bar known for its signature sangria and homemade patatas, will remain at 361 Greenwich until 2023.
It offers the plethora of fruity and creamy flavors typical of a gelateria in the heart of Rome; in fact, that's exactly where shop owner and manager Zahi Jamous stumbled upon Flor.
Ambassador Patricia Flor apprised that EU is already providing assistance to Pakistan in various sectors of economic and social development.
Now, Flor de Carla is part of a broad social-media campaign, called Nicaragua Loves You, with more than 24,000 followers on Facebook.
Antonio Flores, Gonzales Byass's chief winemaker for 30 years, came with Mauricio to London and explained the significance of flor and the reason why sherry is fortified.
She would send pounds 20 a month and in return receive regular photos and news about how eight-year-old Flor Anali and the people of her village were getting on.