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In this paper, we considered a floral tube as constrict when the diameter of corolla throat is obviously narrower than corolla mouth and corolla curvature was defied as the curvature of corolla tube is greater than 5 [degrees], measured by a protractor according to Campos et al.
In some cases, however, smaller flower dimensions may be associated with body parts of the pollinators, such as the length and width of the beak of a hummingbird in relation to the floral tube or to the diameter of the corolla tube (Arizmendi and Ornelas, 1990).
AERIN rose hand and body cream, PS36 It's useful to have hand and body cream rolled into one and this comes in a pretty, floral tube.
In general, flowers are attractive, with petals fused to form a floral tube, threads fused with the corolla, making possible the access to the nectar produced in the base of the flower nectary disk, allowing the floral visitors that present mouth parts with the length related to the size of the nectary chamber, to reach the nectar (CARVALHO et al.
Some of the major differences in the formulae are related to the fact that species in the Onagraceae have a floral tube or hypanthium, and this structure is represented in quite different ways in the three formulae.
With the floral tube 3/8 inch deep and the stiff sharp awns overtopping the flowers, only insects with a fairly long tongue can reach the nectar.
There is a floral tube, but it is united with the wall of the ovary.
We then measured effects of leaf damage on floral traits (corolla diameter, floral tube length, and fl ower number) and fruit and seed set.
possible enclosure in a persistent floral tube, a superior ovary with axile placentation, eight locules, loculicidal dehiscence, and possibly two rows of seeds (described as two seeds in each locule, but serial diagrams suggest the condition may be two or more rows of seeds per locule), and an undifferentiated seed coat.