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Any of several hybrid roses bearing numerous single or double flowers.

[New Latin flōribunda, feminine of flōribundus, blossoming freely, from Latin flōs, flōr-, flower; see flower.]


(Plants) any of several varieties of cultivated hybrid roses whose flowers grow in large sprays
[C19: from New Latin, feminine of flōribundus flowering freely]


(ˌflɔr əˈbʌn də, ˌfloʊr-)

any of a class of roses characterized by a long blooming period and a profusion of large flowers.
[1895–1900; < New Latin, n. use of feminine of flōribundus flowering freely]


one of several varieties of rosé characterized by their long blooming period and their large flowers, often in clusters.
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References in classic literature ?
In a distant glade I have made a spring garden round an oak tree that stands alone in the sun--groups of crocuses, daffodils, narcissus, hyacinths, and tulips, among such flowering shrubs and trees as Pirus Malus spectabilis, floribunda, and coronaria; Prunus Juliana, Mahaleb, serotina, triloba, and Pissardi; Cydonias and Weigelias in every colour, and several kinds of Crataegus and other May lovelinesses.
This award-winning floribunda rose is highly fragrant and a superb breakthrough in colour.
This award-winning and highly fragrant "Rhapsody in Blue" Floribunda rose is a superb breakthrough in colour.
After seven years of hard work, the garden is now home to a collection of miniature roses, shrub roses, climbing roses, floribunda roses, and hybrid tea roses, attracting rose enthusiasts from far and near.
Propagate floribunda and specie roses by semi-ripe cuttings taken from shoots which haven't carried flower ?
Even before David and Deborah Ellman added to the front of their Seattle house, they had white Wisteria floribunda 'Alba' in mind.
floribunda, donde usualmente se presentan dos o mas sepalos fusionados.
The Rose Garden is at its best, and full of floribunda or cluster type roses.
Floribunda is a name given to some hybrid series of the same name?
Champion sprinter Floribunda was the best in Ireland; Kelso was the US Horse of the Year for the second time; and the Australian star was six-yearold Tulloch.