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 (flôr′ĭd, flŏr′-)
1. Flushed with rosy color; ruddy.
2. Very ornate; flowery: a florid prose style.
3. Archaic Healthy.
4. Obsolete Abounding in or covered with flowers.

[French floride, from Latin flōridus, from flōs, flōr-, flower; see bhel- in Indo-European roots.]

flo·rid′i·ty (flə-rĭd′ĭ-tē, flô-), flor′id·ness n.
flor′id·ly adv.
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Adv.1.floridly - in a florid manner; "floridly figurative prose"
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They were strange ornaments to bring on a sea voyage--china pugs, tea-sets in miniature, cups stamped floridly with the arms of the city of Bristol, hair-pin boxes crusted with shamrock, antelopes' heads in coloured plaster, together with a multitude of tiny photographs, representing downright workmen in their Sunday best, and women holding white babies.
The other was the donna-madre: she was national, rural, floridly robust, tranquil, and prolific" (p.
Above all, it was her belief in the importance of real emotions as opposed to the floridly fake and 'enhanced' ones that made her a veritable one-woman school of acting on the local film scene.
Here Eily's troubles begin, or restart, because Stephen is a floridly bruised individual who has tried to smother his own history of violent sexual abuse (by his mother) with a life of ruinous addiction and almost rigorous promiscuity.
The property isn't listed on the open market, so few details of the couple's overhaul are publicly known, but digital resources indicate the sleekly rehabbed contemporary--prior to the renovation, it was floridly ersatz Tuscan villa --opens at the rear to a flat backyard with broad canyon views, a lushly watered sweep of lawn, newly installed swimming pool and spa, and open-air poolside cabana.
On the question of even-handed coverage of commercial rivals, the Media section had become markedly, sometimes floridly, partisan.
Exclusion criteria included students who were under the age of 18 years, those who sought treatment for a substance abuse or addiction problem, and those who were actively suicidal or floridly psychotic.
To wit: While some GOP presidential contenders have met with LCR, they all condemned the United States Supreme Court's marriage equality decision in June, some in floridly apocalyptic terms; most immediately seized the banner of the next battle, "religious freedom.
Readers encounter a dazzling menagerie of pop cultural and literary figures floridly bent through a lens of local color: Eskimo pies, Arkansas hillbillies, and icehouses exist alongside enchanted swords, ships of death, and the Round Table; heroes like Beowulf, Zorro, and Odysseus thrive in proximity to knife throwers, gamblers, and a ninety-year-old queer mustachioed alcoholic.
Indeed, as Cox floridly suggests: "watering the roots of compassion by politicians, patients, managers, faith communities and grass roots activists is more likely to yield the green shoots of hope in a very parched land".
They know nothing of the floridly crazy content of the papers he keeps in his drawer.
Civilizing sentiments have motivated reforms that are associated with the vision of a floridly mentally ill person, alone in a cell and getting worse.